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What is PregSource®?

PregSource is a research project that aims to help us learn from women like you about what it’s like to be pregnant. PregSource invites you to share your experience through a free, confidential website. This firsthand information will help researchers and healthcare providers understand pregnancy and learn how women experience motherhood.

How can I help?

Just sign up and answer some questions throughout your pregnancy. Your answers will help PregSource researchers answer the following and other questions:


Sleep: Does pregnancy affect how much or how well women sleep? When in pregnancy do these changes usually happen?


Nausea: How many women have morning sickness or nausea? When in pregnancy is it most common? How long does it usually last?


Weight: How much weight do most women gain during pregnancy? How does weight gain affect the pregnancy and health of the baby?

Got pregnancy questions?

Check out our Resource Library to find answers from experts.