What is PregSource®?

What is PregSource®?

PregSource is a crowdsourcing research project that aims to gather information about pregnancy. We are asking pregnant women to answer questions about their experiences, their health, and (eventually) their babies' health.

Collecting information from pregnant women provides a unique perspective. Most projects rely on health care providers or others to submit information reported by pregnant women. PregSource goes directly to the source to find out what pregnant women are seeing, feeling, and thinking. This first-hand information is critical for truly understanding how women experience pregnancy.

PregSource asks questions about:

  • Background (such as a woman's age and education level)
  • Pregnancy experiences (such as changes in sleep patterns and any nausea/vomiting)
  • Overall health (such as any pre -pregnancy medical conditions or pregnancy -related problems)
  • Labor and delivery (such as length of labor and type of birth)
  • Baby's health (such as weight at birth and growth over time)

Researchers will review the information submitted by pregnant women to spot trends, similarities, and differences and to answer research questions.

As PregSource gathers more and more information, it will become an important resource for identifying and understanding normal and abnormal pregnancy experiences.